Saturday, May 02, 2009

Award and Tagged 2

Tagged dari kak Leeya.Kali ini beserta award pula.

10 Facts About Me......

1. Been married to my loving husband for 13 years....Alhamdullillah

2. Have 4 lovely kids :Siti Hazwani,Zulfadhli,Zulhilmi n Zulfahmi but the 1st n 3rd passed away.

3. Live happily at our own sweet home for almost 10 years (same laa kak)........

4. Like to watched a horror movie or drama.

5. Enjoy to try any new recepies...just keep it if failed for the first time..huhuhu

6. Love to drawing (now no time to start) n reading love novel.

7. Hate to go shopping b'coz my husband's take quite long to choose his fav espeacially for shirt.

8. Like to have so many friend...doesn't matter young or long they like me....(same as u kak)

9. Full housewife now....missed to work again.

10.Love to eat chocolate...hate durian....kantoiiii.

1 comment:

Kak Zue said...

lain kali kalau dapat durian..hantar kat rumah kak long ek ...ahaks